Dear Dan,

The night before my 21-day trip to Europe we slept on a mattress in the living room so we could have get that sleepover vibe we love. In the morning we stayed in bed late, and I snapped a picture of you and Gus to take with me to look at whenever I needed to see that bit of home. I slipped it into a book (that I didn’t end up reading the entire trip) and looked at it every day while I was gone. I’ve never known or been more sure of something in my life. For a long time the choices I made wouldn’t allow for me to feel like I had a proper “home”. I know where my home is now, and without sounding like a corny idiot, it’s wherever I’m with you. I found my home, when I found you. Thank you for everything that you bring to my life.

Happy 3rd Anniversary, my sweet handsome Dan.