Thank you, and Important Update | FEBRUARY 2019

Hiking to Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, 2018

Hiking to Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, 2018

Dear Amazing Clients and Supporters,

I’ve been putting off this announcement for quite a few months as I have been waiting for some definitive answers, and this morning I finally received the news I needed.

3 years ago I fractured and severely sprained my ankle. It didn’t heal properly and in the past year it has gotten to the point where I can’t be on my feet for very long. This means that I am not able to keep up with the physical demands of a full wedding day or a longer portrait session. However, this morning I met with my surgeon and got the news that I am going to be having my surgery next week, and should hopefully be feeling back to my old self by the end of the year, so I won’t be down for very long!

Until I am fully healed and back in working order I won’t be able to do certain sessions, but if you are wanting to book any type of photography with me, please don’t hesitate to still send in your inquiry! I would love to chat about what photography you are looking for and I may still be able to accommodate. If I am unable to photograph your session, I would love to send you recommendations for photographers I love and who I’ve worked with in the past. (Keep in mind that some photography I don’t typically advertise, but still do are portraits and headshots, as well as products and branding shoots in my home studio.)

I want to thank everyone, for your support throughout all of these years. Photography became something that I didn’t just do, but that I needed in my life. As I am currently living without it, going through my past works, and looking back on the people I’ve met and incredible situations I’ve encountered I feel so lucky, and incredibly grateful.

Love, Paige