KRISTIN & CORY | Couples Session


This session was one of the most fun I have ever had. These two won a contest I hosted a month(ish) ago and I was so excited to photograph them.

I've known Kristin for close to 3 years through my sister, Miranda. They work together, and since I was asked to help decorate for their big company Christmas party in 2015, they have been a huge source of entertainment for me.

We started the session off with ice cream at My Favorite Ice Cream Shoppe in Marda Loop, then headed down to Sandy Beach and wandered through the fall leaves and goofed around. The entire shoot they never stopped giggling. I was just happy to be near them, photographing them as they are and as they interact with each other naturally. 

I love these images. They make me grin like an idiot. Sessions like these are why I love my job so, so much. Read their origin story for their contest submission at the bottom of the image gallery!

"I’ve known Cory since the 4th grade. We grew up living down the same street from one another, and he often calls me “his girl next door”.

I’ll admit – I had the most pathetic school girl crush on him during 4th grade, but unfortunately for me, Cory was still in the stage of thinking girls were “gross” and had “cooties”

We spent the next 8 years going through Junior High and High School together, always being friendly, joking as casual friends do, and waving at each other as we passed in our cars heading to school or on our way home – he soon became my “boy next door”.

Fast forward to 2013, Cory and his family had been invited to my Brother’s wedding* – and after a couple beers, and an empty dance floor, I grabbed Cory and forced him to dance with me. Little did I know he had just gotten off his crutches from brutal foot surgery the day prior, but of course he didn’t say anything -  we danced all night long while our families looked on and watched the sparks fly.

It took us an entire year after that night to finally act on the sparks that flew. I was getting off the train to head to my downtown summer job, and I spotted Cory coming down the stairs towards me. I took off my sunglasses hoping that he would recognize me, and the huge smile and hug he gave me when he did. We chatted for a couple minutes – he was rushing off to Canmore for the day with work, and I was about to be late for my job – and right before we went our separate ways he blurted out “Hey, we should grab a beer or dinner after work sometime”. He must’ve thought I didn’t hear him, because he messaged me later that day asking me again, and I agreed.

Here we are, 3 years later still stupidly in love and sparks flying every day. Never underestimate your 4th grade crush, because sometimes they end up being the love of your life.

** Side Story – My Brother married Alyssa, who’s family lived across the street from Cory’s family. Alyssa’s family and Cory’s family are really good friends. So ironically, my brother married his very own “girl next door” WEIRD!



- Kristin