Thank you, and Important Update | FEBRUARY 2019

Hiking to Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, 2018

Hiking to Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, 2018

Dear Amazing Clients and Supporters,

I’ve been putting off this announcement for quite a few months as I have been waiting for some definitive answers, and this morning I finally received the news I needed.

3 years ago I fractured and severely sprained my ankle. It didn’t heal properly and in the past year it has gotten to the point where I can’t be on my feet for very long. This means that I am not able to keep up with the physical demands of a full wedding day or a longer portrait session. However, this morning I met with my surgeon and got the news that I am going to be having my surgery next week, and should hopefully be feeling back to my old self by the end of the year, so I won’t be down for very long!

Until I am fully healed and back in working order I won’t be able to do certain sessions, but if you are wanting to book any type of photography with me, please don’t hesitate to still send in your inquiry! I would love to chat about what photography you are looking for and I may still be able to accommodate. If I am unable to photograph your session, I would love to send you recommendations for photographers I love and who I’ve worked with in the past. (Keep in mind that some photography I don’t typically advertise, but still do are portraits and headshots, as well as products and branding shoots in my home studio.)

I want to thank everyone, for your support throughout all of these years. Photography became something that I didn’t just do, but that I needed in my life. As I am currently living without it, going through my past works, and looking back on the people I’ve met and incredible situations I’ve encountered I feel so lucky, and incredibly grateful.

Love, Paige



Dear Dan,

The night before my 21-day trip to Europe we slept on a mattress in the living room so we could have get that sleepover vibe we love. In the morning we stayed in bed late, and I snapped a picture of you and Gus to take with me to look at whenever I needed to see that bit of home. I slipped it into a book (that I didn’t end up reading the entire trip) and looked at it every day while I was gone. I’ve never known or been more sure of something in my life. For a long time the choices I made wouldn’t allow for me to feel like I had a proper “home”. I know where my home is now, and without sounding like a corny idiot, it’s wherever I’m with you. I found my home, when I found you. Thank you for everything that you bring to my life.

Happy 3rd Anniversary, my sweet handsome Dan.



JESSICA & MARCUS | Intimate October Brunch Wedding

Jessica & Marcus (232).jpg

Jessica & Marcus are two of the sweetest people I have ever had the chance to meet, and are the epitome of a perfect match. Their intimate brunch wedding on October 29th 2017, was hosted at the Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant in Calgary, and it was an absolutely gorgeous combo of light + dark, fall + halloween, and sweet + sultry! It was the perfect wedding to end my 2017 season. We started off the day by hanging out in the bridal suite above the restaurant, had an incredible and emotional first look, a sweet and simple ceremony filled with so much love, endured the coldest winds during the family photos, laughed our heads off during their couple photos and ended it with a quiet and intimate first dance with just the three of us and their two closest friends.

Thank you so much for having me be there to capture your INCREDIBLE wedding day. You and your families made me feel so welcome and it was an absolute pleasure to witness the love you two share.

P.S. Jessica, still dreaming about that peanut butter + banana muffin!!!


Happy Holidays from my little family to yours! (Dan, Paige & Gus)

Happy Holidays from my little family to yours! (Dan, Paige & Gus)

The holidays have come and gone again. Decorations have been boxed up, large amounts of chocolate and baked goods have been eaten, board games played, alcohol drank and we've had to enter back into the real world, 2018 is here!

Even though the holidays are over and some of us might be feeling a little bummed, (I am guys, I love the holidays...and sleeping in) we can still get a laugh or two scrolling through this gallery of some of the best images from my annual Holiday Portrait Sessions for 2017!

Cheers to all of you, and Happy New Year! Stay tuned for next years edition!

KRISTIN & CORY | Couples Session


This session was one of the most fun I have ever had. These two won a contest I hosted a month(ish) ago and I was so excited to photograph them.

I've known Kristin for close to 3 years through my sister, Miranda. They work together, and since I was asked to help decorate for their big company Christmas party in 2015, they have been a huge source of entertainment for me.

We started the session off with ice cream at My Favorite Ice Cream Shoppe in Marda Loop, then headed down to Sandy Beach and wandered through the fall leaves and goofed around. The entire shoot they never stopped giggling. I was just happy to be near them, photographing them as they are and as they interact with each other naturally. 

I love these images. They make me grin like an idiot. Sessions like these are why I love my job so, so much. Read their origin story for their contest submission at the bottom of the image gallery!

"I’ve known Cory since the 4th grade. We grew up living down the same street from one another, and he often calls me “his girl next door”.

I’ll admit – I had the most pathetic school girl crush on him during 4th grade, but unfortunately for me, Cory was still in the stage of thinking girls were “gross” and had “cooties”

We spent the next 8 years going through Junior High and High School together, always being friendly, joking as casual friends do, and waving at each other as we passed in our cars heading to school or on our way home – he soon became my “boy next door”.

Fast forward to 2013, Cory and his family had been invited to my Brother’s wedding* – and after a couple beers, and an empty dance floor, I grabbed Cory and forced him to dance with me. Little did I know he had just gotten off his crutches from brutal foot surgery the day prior, but of course he didn’t say anything -  we danced all night long while our families looked on and watched the sparks fly.

It took us an entire year after that night to finally act on the sparks that flew. I was getting off the train to head to my downtown summer job, and I spotted Cory coming down the stairs towards me. I took off my sunglasses hoping that he would recognize me, and the huge smile and hug he gave me when he did. We chatted for a couple minutes – he was rushing off to Canmore for the day with work, and I was about to be late for my job – and right before we went our separate ways he blurted out “Hey, we should grab a beer or dinner after work sometime”. He must’ve thought I didn’t hear him, because he messaged me later that day asking me again, and I agreed.

Here we are, 3 years later still stupidly in love and sparks flying every day. Never underestimate your 4th grade crush, because sometimes they end up being the love of your life.

** Side Story – My Brother married Alyssa, who’s family lived across the street from Cory’s family. Alyssa’s family and Cory’s family are really good friends. So ironically, my brother married his very own “girl next door” WEIRD!



- Kristin

EYMERIC & PAIGE | Intimate Backyard Wedding

Eymeric & Paige Wedding (272).jpg

This was a particularly special day for me as a wedding photographer. I met Eymeric while working at Black's Photography back in 2010. We became friends and shot our first wedding together in 2012, and started working together more frequently after that. He now has an incredible photography business for his Residential and Architectural photography (Check out his website here.) Over the past 7 years we've done quite a bit of work together, but we shot our last wedding together in May this year so he could focus on his own work.

When he told me he was going to propose to his high school sweetheart a few years back, (also named Paige) I was stoked! He told me about his idea to get married in New York and hire a photographer from there to do some epic images of them throughout the city. When I received an email a year(ish) later from him asking me to photograph their Wedding day, in Calgary, in her parents backyard, I was completely surprised, and over the moon! Photographing another photographers wedding has always been intimidating to me, (I have done it more than three times now, which is so cool), but this one felt mostly like an honor.

Their day was perfect, and so very them. 23 guests, the flowers done by her mother at Purple Orchid, a super awesome Rolls Royce rental to cart them around, the gorgeous Teatro restaurant and our beautiful city as a backdrop.

Thank you both for having me be the one to capture it, and I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do.

ARC | The Experience - Lessons, Photography & The Hip

A view from my hotel room of the harbour.

A view from my hotel room of the harbour.

In 2016, I had a year of serious self doubt. I was feeling uninspired, and was losing my love for photography rapidly. I took some time and did some research on ways to bring the life back into my work, and I figured that maybe a photography conference could be worth a try. I wanted to be near a large group of like minded people, so I could find inspiration where inspiration starts. I googled for hours and finally stumbled upon one in Vancouver. It was accessible, affordable, and the lineup had so many photographers that I admired, I couldn't resist. I took a leap and I traveled to Vancouver on my own, my first solo trip. I did it because I couldn't go another day with feeling doubt, and I am so, so happy that I did. It changed my life. I had this completely new passion for my work, and I dove in, head first.


When the chance to go for a second year came up for 2017, I did so without hesitation. For this trip, I decided to open up more, talk to more people and get more involved. I brought my camera with me everywhere and kept my phone in my pocket (after losing it in a cab once). After each day, I left feeling motivated beyond belief. While I was going through them, I could see how emotionally weighted I had been feeling. One of the speakers was talking about how she could sometimes tell how she was feeling by reflecting on her work, and so I treated my own work the same.


Gord Downie passed away while I was there. He has always been a huge part of who I am. The Hip was something that meant more to me than just music, or being proud of my country. It was about my family, it was a determining factor in whether the person my sister or I were dating was a good candidate. It was our dancing in the kitchen soundtrack, our breakup albums, The Hip's songs are an anthem, each one having a special place in our hearts and tied to different memories. After the conference in 2016, I took my first self portrait in years. I took my first self portrait since then after getting back to my hotel. I was emotionally drained, and I decided to go for a swim in the pool. It was raining buckets outside, and as I sunk into the pool, The Hip came on through the speakers. (Here is a link to a blog post my sister did on Gord and The Hip, if you had the love we did you should give it a read)

It's been a long time coming...

It's been a long time coming...

On this trip, there was lots of talk about personal projects, and I have started two! The first one is a secret, but the second is a series on my incredible friends. The project is simple, but it is definitely personal. The first picture in the series is of one of my boyfriends oldest friends. This lovely lady's name is Jennie. I had the chance to grab a PB & J burger with her while I was in Van (get that though, it's really freakin good). We talked about love and music and life, and it felt like two old friends just shootin' the shit. She is a badass with a wonderful brain, and has really cool style.

Jennie outside of Tap &amp; Barrel

Jennie outside of Tap & Barrel

The biggest lesson I learned from this trip is that there is no need to impress anyone. I don't need social media likes, I don't need recognition from big names or to have a popular or curated instagram feed. I started photographing because I loved it. Not because it was a way to make money (because most of the time it isn't), but because it was a different way to see the world. I could imagine things in unusual ways and show people a new perspective. My future projects are going to be a way for me to show my clients and people a bit more of myself. If they like it that's great, and if they don't then that's okay too. What matters is if I like it, and if it inspires me.

- Paige